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art therapy individual

Individual art therapy sessions allows you to be your unique self by exploring and expressing, feelings, behaviours and beliefs.  


Some other areas that can be explored through individual art therapy are:

  • Working through challenging memories or significant events

  • Identify areas of desired change and coping skills

  • Establishing personal boundaries

  • Setting personal goals

  • Promoting self-awareness and self-empowerment


art therapy group

Group therapy allows individuals to develop social and communication skills, community and cultural awareness through self-expression and being an active participant in the group.  Being involved in a group allows the individual to feel connected to others by listening to others with similar stories and understanding that they are not alone.  Through the power of story telling individuals are able to express and learn through others coping skills and strategies.  Group work in art therapy is a very powerful way to connect to others through creativity which promotes relationship skills, self-esteem, and a sense of belonging.  Groups such as schools, sporting clubs, health professionals and community workers may benefit from individual tailored art therapy programs.

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Art Class

art therapy NDIS

The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is an Australia-wide initiative that provides funding for people with physical and psychosocial disabilities to access supports to maintain and improve their quality of life. It is underpinned by the concept of choice and control for participants and their families. 

Arts therapist at Innerpiece Connection work with participants to achieve the goals and outcomes set out in their NDIS plan. A service agreement is set with the goals wished to be achieved, funding and participant details.  Art therapy sessions can be funded through participants individual NDIS plans for individual sessions as well as group or online sessions.  Art therapy sessions are charged at the current NDIS rates and participants NDIS plans will need to be either planned managed or self-managed.

Benefits of art therapy for disability participants can be:

  • Using sensory experiences to release feelings and emotions

  • Assist with motor skills

  • Access to other area of the brain other than the cognitive

  • A safe place to explore, express and create

  • Reducing stress, resolving issues and managing behaviour

  • Improved self-awareness and build self-esteem

art therapy workshops

Art therapy workshops are a way of developing social skills, new ways of thinking, relationship building and developing self-awareness.  Workshops allow expression within a safe environment with likeminded people and assist with self-esteem, confidence, reassurance and empowerment.

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Art Fun
Working from Home

art therapy online

Art therapy sessions can be offered online which works similar to face-to-face sessions but allows you to do art therapy from a comfortable space of your choice.  Online art therapy may be of benefit to those who live in remote areas and find it difficult to gain access to face-to-face sessions or those who have anxiety or disabilities that require services to come to them.  Online art therapy sessions are easy and quick to connect from anywhere and only require you to have a mobile phone/tablet or computer that can run Zoom or Skype. 


Bookings are made the same as face-to-face sessions and then we will make contact with you before the session to discuss materials required.

Innerpiece Connection is located in South Australia, Australia, however you may be anywhere in the world and we can connect with you to assist with your healing process.  Any international payments can be done online with a credit card (which allows for conversion into your local currency).  Please feel free to send us an email for further details.


areas we cover in art therapy?

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"Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event control your emotions."