We believe that a cup of tea nurtures the soul. 


It is in that first sip of tea when that ahhhhhhhh feeling hits and everything just stops.  

Tea flows to the nervous system which allows you to feel relaxed, content and it seems stress just falls away in that moment.  Just the sense of having a cup of tea gives you a chance to connect to yourself and balance the mind, body and spirit.

Tea has always been used as a connection for bringing people together whether it be a tea party, cultural ceremonies or just to connect with yourself. There is something about a cup of tea that is unique and different for everyone.  With its many health benefits tea can uplift our mood, reduce stress, help us sleep and sooth our senses.

Our teas are sourced from Australian distributers who use organic products and are dedicated to teas and herbs that have been cultivated without the use of harmful pesticides, chemical fertilizers and unsustainable crop management practices.

Enjoy a cup of our tea today to help restore your senses - there is a perfect blend for everyone!


“A cup of tea is just a cup of mindfulness”

Innerpiece Connection

Image by Diogo Fagundes

French Resistance

Image by Loverna Journey

Soul's Journey

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French Resistance

Our first range of teas are named after our “sisterhood” of dear friends which was formed while studying together many years ago.  We became known within our group as the “French resistance” as we were all likeminded towards justice, fairness, and truth.  We were inspired by the real French Resistance women who were involved with movements to fight against misfortunes caused by the opposition.  These women planned, coordinated, and executed acts against the opposition to reveal the truth and bring about peace.  Even though their movement was about survival and tactics what was important about “our movement” (our group) was making a difference in our lives through self-awareness, uniqueness, laughter and by not abiding by social norms.  Our name was then shortened to “Resister sisters” and we all still enjoy catching up for a cup of tea (and the occasional wine or two!). 


If you know someone who fits these tea profiles then this is the tea for them – a great gift idea!

Souls' Journey

Our second range of teas are named after our own journey in creating this beautiful business of ours and the unique women that have come into our life to help us along the way.  We have always believed in synchronicity and all of these unique women have come in at the right time to help us get to where we are today.  


This range of teas is about our spiritual and physical journey and has been done as a thank you to all of the uni