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Meet The Therapists...

Dianne and Lesley are both qualified Art Therapists with a collective experience in Trauma, Abuse & Neglect, Mental Health, Disability, Suicide and Crisis intervention.  Currently completing studies in Bachelor of Counselling and experience working with groups and individuals with Art Therapy, Dianne and Lesley bring a wealth of knowledge and life experiences to their work.


Dianne and Lesley met during their Art Therapy studies at the Ikon Institute of Australia where they respectively completed an Advance Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy.  Dianne has previously completed a certificate V in photography and Lesley has previously completed a Certificate IV in Child, Youth and Family Intervention and a Certificate in Graphic Design.


They continued their journey working as Lifeline Crisis Supporters with Lifeline for two years where they gained valuable experience and training with mental health and suicide.  They started their business Innerpiece Connection in June 2019 due to an opportunity to work in disabilities. This was an exciting start to their long term dream to bring their passion of art therapy and its powerful healing benefits to the wider community. Dianne and Lesley’s passion is to apply the benefits of art therapy through group and individual sessions, workshops and online sessions for disadvantaged or remote clients.


Both bring a unique and individual approach to Innerpiece Connection and together they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide therapeutic interventions, insight and connection for their clients mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

What Is Our Goal?

  • Is to help people get in touch with their emotions and feelings and to create understanding to where they maybe coming from.

  • Understanding the emotions maybe the start of healing where strategies can be put into place to integrate into daily life.

  • Create an understanding of feelings and emotions for an individuals growth and wellbeing for a deeper awareness of self.

What does the name Innerpiece Connection mean?


  • Inner - is about your inner self and your inner experiences

  • Piece - everyone has pieces of themselves that are fragmented or missing that they are trying to piece together

  • Connection - is connecting the pieces of yourself together to find inner peace and connecting with others

What Is Our Mission?

  • Provide a service that helps the individual connect and understand themselves better

  • Provide tools and strategies for individuals to manage their emotions better in their daily life


  • Provide a safe environment for individuals to express themselves when words are hard to say or find

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"Sometimes in the waves of change we find our true direction."